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iPhone 2017.10.05 believes that working offers many benefits beyond just earning a paycheck. Being able to contribute to a greater cause, meet new people, and having the opportunity to advance professionally are just a few reasons adults work. The focus of the supported employment program is to find meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities. Prospect is successful in providing employment services because we invest in the job seeker to learn about strengths, interests, and how those skills can benefit the business community.

Supported Employment – Prospect is leading the way in helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have successful careers. We measure our success by ensuring those who receive employment services are happy with their job and are meeting the expectations of their employer. Supported Employment offers on-the-job support from a Prospect employee, called a job coach. The job coach is there to offer training, reminders, and quality checks of the work being performed. The type of support depends on the person’s needs. All job coaches complete rigorous supported employment training, which focuses on how to best support someone on the job. By keeping the person’s needs and interests as the core of the service, Prospect has been offering successful supported employment services for many years.

Prospect, Inc. - Stanley at Sonic 2014Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Prospect has maintained a partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR) for many years. The job seeker is referred to Prospect by VR for employment services. These services range from a job assessment, which helps to determine the interests, skills, and abilities of the job seeker, to job placement, in which the employment manager actively seeks an employment opportunity for the job seeker. Prospect has also invested in the education and development of job coaches, with several staff who have completed the Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP) program, which is nationally recognized and under the oversight of Employment Support Professional Certification Council.

For more information contact the INTAKE COORDINATOR at 615-444-0597.

Our Mission

To provide support services and employment to people who have disabilities or other barriers to personal independence.