2020-2021 Prospect Board of Directors

Joe Cowan - Board Chair
Generations Behavioral Health

Duane Harper - Vice Chair
Deloitte Services

Lauren Wooden - Secretary
Hospital Corporation of America 

Heather Bay
Direct Flight Solutions

Marlese Allen
Howell Allen Clinic

Matt Bridges
Music for Seniors

Jan Hallmark
Community Volunteer  

Xavier Smith
Wilson Post 

Clancey Hopper
United HealthCare

The Prospect Board of Directors is vested with the responsibility for the goverance and direction of the organization. The Board is accountable to the community and to the organization’s funding sources. Members will ensure that Prospect operates to its fullest capacity. Board members will serve a three-year term and will meet bi-monthly. To submit a letter of interest to serve on the Prospect Board of Directors, you may send an email to contactus@prospectinc.com.