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We are pleased to announce the merger of Prospect with Easterseals Tennessee, effective March 1, 2022.

While still focusing on local member needs and efforts, this new partnership will allow us to better position ourselves for growth and offering additional local services within our industry’s changing environment. Though our legal name will be Easterseals Tennessee, we will keep the brand Prospect to the community that has entrusted us.

We are very excited about future opportunities and the addition of services that will be afforded to us with this union. We will continue to provide the same quality care and support to individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability; as well as continue to break through any barriers keeping them from their goals and dreams. In addition, with this expansion, we will also begin offering much needed behavioral health support to school aged children in our community, allowing us to serve a population that we had been missing.

For over 55 years, Prospect has proudly served our community. We remain committed to continuing to provide exceptional service and programming to those we support. Our mission to promote independence and provide support and encouragement to those with a disability has never been stronger. Please visit https://www.easterseals.com/tennessee/ for more information about Easterseals Tennessee.

Program Spotlight

Residential Services

Prospect’s Residential Programs specialize in providing an array of services and supports to individuals who have been diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our programs are person centered and focused on allowing individuals to live as independently as possible in the home and community of their choice. Prospect currently supports individuals in 19 homes in Wilson, Smith, and DeKalb Counties. Most of these homes are in single family neighborhoods and support 2 or 3 people per home. The homes are licensed by the State of Tennessee.

Prospect provides a variety of choices in Residential Services including:

  • Supported Living – Support is provided 24/7 in a home leased or owned by the individual. residential servicesThe amount and type of supports provided are customized to the individual based on need and the person’s unique capabilities. Trained staff work set shifts to provide the necessary supports. Services include: instruction and assistance with personal hygiene, bathing and grooming, mealtime preparation and eating, medication administration, social skills, and budgeting. Additionally, the agency provides transportation for medical appointments, shopping, activities in the community, etc.

  • Companion Model – Support is provided 24/7 by “companion” staff who live in the home with the individual(s) supported. The advantage of this model is that one or two staff provide the majority of services. This staffing model provides consistent staffing which is more appropriate for many of those we support. The Companion Model provides the same supports as are provided in the Supported Living Model.

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Prospect offers trained staff who provide up to 24 hour supervision and assistance as needed with all activities of daily living enabling the person to live as independently as possible. Prospect strives to enable persons who receive supports to become contributing members of their respective communities by experiencing activities that reflect their personal goals and interests. Each service

offered by Prospect is person centered allowing each individual to be supported by the most appropriate residential model. 

Our Mission

To provide support services and employment to people who have disabilities or other barriers to personal independence.