Our Mission
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Once the barriers to independence are removed for people who have disabilities, family dynamics change.  The thrill of going down a slide for the first time on the playground with other children, the joy of bringing home that first paycheck for a job well done; the feeling of being appreciated and welcomed back to available employment after serving this country... clearing the way to a full and productive life is Prospect's goal.  Possibilities today are endless for those who were once relegated to hospitals, institutions and special schools due to their disabilities.  Prospect, Inc. is at the forefront of integrating people into their communities and into the workforce; putting a spotlight of support on those who have been waiting backstage for their chance to shine.  This is our mission and has been for more that three decades.  Prospect is making a difference.

Training and Employing People With Disabilities

Vocational Services

Looking for work can be a daunting task - especially if a developmental disability or illness has become a barrier to employment for the job seeker. Prospect is leading the way in helping the employee find the perfect fit while providing a capable, reliable and competent work force for employers in the community. Check out how Prospect's Vocational Services are getting rave reviews!

Home Support Services

She's 99 years old and has worked hard for many years to provide a home for her family. It's a house Ms. Ella Cripps doesn't want to leave, on the same street where she watched her children ride bikes and play ball. Ms. Ella doesn't get around as well as she used to, but her lifestyle hasn't missed a beat thanks to her loving son who learned that Prospect Home Support could keep his mom happy, busy, and thriving in her own environment.

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Child Development
Sometimes, parents get some very difficult news about their child's development long after they've brought home that perfectly beautiful baby. Prospect Child Development offers education programs for these families with children from birth to three years of age; children who have a diagnosed disability or exhibit a developmental delay. Go along with one of Prospect's Early Intervention teachers as she visits with one of her favorite little students and his mom.

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Production & Fulfillment
Ray Adams has engineering, drafting, and manufacturing experience on his impressive resume, but many years of hard work have taken a physical toll. The search for employment was becoming a constant source of frustration until just the right job came along. Today, working on Prospect's aptly named Production and Fulfillment team, is both productive and fulfilling for this man who loves to work.

Jenny's Story

Support services may vary from state to state, so when Jenny Lamberson's mom learned that her daughter didn't meet certain criteria for funding in Tennessee, she had to get creative. Today, Jenny's success story and her contagious smile are the result of a mother's determination to give her child a better life through Prospect's Scholarship Program.

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